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    Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
    What's meaningful and meaningless are in the eye oh the beholder especially when you talk about games. And also the word I used wasn't meaningless it was obviouse . Anything that he announced wasn't obviouse , just saying .
    I'm saying, in the past, he's come to America for something completely meaningless. He came for an announcement and the announcement wasn't even anything special. He's had multiple showings on Smash varying from just being there (he was said to appear for a special episode. It was hyped more than it should have been, he appeared and did absolutely nothing. No announcement. He was just there for show.)

    They do this kind of thing all the time. A lot of the time it doesn't pertain to anything which does make it a meaningless advertisement as there was no meaning to him being there. He can travel to here to tell us what we already know. Under the disguise of something new as they always say, it has no meaning when he reiterates what's been said. Whether you use the word or not means nothing either. I said it and never said you said it.

    The 3D aspect was pretty obvious. You could tell from the videos that part of them were rendered the same way that Gen 4 and 5 were. So really the game not completely being in 3D was pretty obvious. The only new thing I think we've gotten today was the EXP on capture...I don't even know if that was from Matsuda. Nothing he's given to us has any real use obvious or not. Media hype is usually blown out of proportion.

    The info given still has more than one meaning, one of which is obvious and completely meaningless to share. If its the latter, then it has meaning, though whether that meaning is good or bad has yet to emerge itself. We'll need to have what was said clarified before we can even make a proper assumption. Two meanings with completely different outcomes. On one hand, its the same limitations that we've always had. On the other hand, all Pokemon are available between the two completely eliminating the need for other games from the past just for their Pokemon.

    Once this has been cleared up, we'll know exactly what to expect in the games.
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