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    Meta Knight vs. Wario
    Peach vs. Wolf
    Pichu vs. Ness
    Mewtwo vs. Pikachu
    Pokemon Trainer vs. Diddy Kong
    Young Link vs. Ganondorf
    Bowser vs. Captain Falcon
    Mr. Game & Watch vs. Marth
    Falco vs. R.O.B
    Pit vs. Mario
    Dr. Mario vs. Ice Climbers
    Lucas vs. Zero Suit Samus
    Jigglypuff vs. Fox
    Kirby vs. Pikmin & Olimar
    King Deedede vs. Sonic
    Zelda vs. Ike
    Lucario vs. Luigi
    Yoshi vs. Samus
    Toon Link vs. Snake
    Sheik vs. Roy
    Donkey Kong vs. Link

    It's been a really long time since I've played the Smash Bros games but I did my best!
    I would make them some super cool and bad ass signature, but I have no idea what to put. Oops!
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