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Oh jeez, unfortunately I've haven't had the time recently to check in or anything so I'm sorry about that but I'm glad that some of you have been active at least :p i've also sort of been falling out of the mood too because I haven't had to make a post in such a long time x_x so if anyone needs some inspiration or anything to post, i'll throw something towards your way and it may or may not help x]

Really sorry about that Starlight. I thought that the end of your post was foreshadowing to an eventual battle with the Pidgey so I had no idea you were waiting on me! I'm going to say no to it coming along quietly as I'd prefer if you battled it and then captured it.

Also, due to the clutches of school and life, there is now an open spot. Anyone in interaction with EB's character feel free to bunny your way out or just move on in whatever way you see fit. I'm going to check in with people who haven't posted recently but had the opportunity to tomorrow when I get home. I'll edit all the information and the stuff on the first page when I get it all sorted out.
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