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    I used to do a lot of competitive battling. I once spent a whole summer (or at least a large portion of it) just to learn and teach myself about it. The last time I battled like that was right before Black/White came out. It was Pokemon Online, and I wanted to play with the new Pokemon (for the record, I liked Volt Turn teams before it was cool XD).

    If you asked me about today's meta, I'd tell you, "Gee, that's a good question!". I've been out of it so long. Unfortunately, I lost almost every Pokemon game I had that mattered (the games with all my usable Pokemon and the ones with move tutors). All I have is a team I scrapped together on my Black 2 that I intended to use at my local hobby store. It's kind of all right, but even I know it could be better.
    Yo, isn't Finneon an Eevee evolution? I mean, it has -eon in the name...
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