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    This hack looked really perfect until i got to one specific point in game which really annoys me. I got 4th badge and went to Forest Entrance, where Sky challenges me. I easily beat his first pokemon, but then he sent out that Hippo. His level 38 with Earthquake, Leftovers and 2 Hyper potions combo is little bit much for my team to handle. The only thing i can do to him is to constantly use endeavor with Staraptor, but I cant finish him. I have Ampharos, Monferno, Staraptor and Piloswine, all around level 33-34. I would like to train somewhere to get some more levels, but there is no place to train really hard, because most exp points i get for a single pokemon in this part of game is something around 200-250 for Onix in Mt. Fullmoon. If someone can help me with this I would really appreciate it. Another thing which I realized is that there is no water pokemon to catch except Magikarp, or did I missed something? I would like to add a Water pokemon in my team but I cant find any. I would say that game was little bit challenging (in good meaning), but beatable until i got to this point.
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