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    Originally Posted by GeckoPutt View Post
    I sincerely doubt that Masuda's claim that, "all Pokémon are available" means that all Pokémon are available to catch in game. I'm definitely of the opinion that he means that all Pokémon have been programmed into the game and are available to use - I mean, if all Pokémon were available in the game, it would make the PokéTransporter (and perhaps even the Pokémon Bank) seem almost redundant.

    I really doubt that you'll be able to capture every Pokémon in this game - for a start, we know that there are version exclusives already (Clauncher, Skrelp, Swirlix, Spritzee, Mewtwo X, Mewtwo Y), so how can what Masuda has said be taken that way at all?
    Well I believe it was said that all pokemon will be in X and Y. So that would allow for version exclusives.

    I do think we might get 400-500 pokemon in the kalos dex though. Although when you think about it...most pokemon in the 5th gen were available in some way (dream world, dream radar etc) so if it's possible to catch all pokemon between the two versions maybe that's just their way of cutting out the need for so many outside apps, so they can focus on the pokebank.
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