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In my opinion, out of all the Pokémon that are listed here, Blastoise has gotta be the best-looking. It has two cannons stuck to its body. With the help of these cannons, this Pokémon is able to perform a variety of special attacks such as Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, and Hydro Cannon. Plus, it has the ability to take these cannons in and out of its shell whenever it pleases. Isn't that amazing? When it comes to battling, though, Swampert would have to be the best. It's got great offensive stats, and thanks to its bulk, it could take quite a lot of hits and still survive. Give it a Choice Band, and it should be able to take down almost any Pokémon with only one or two hits. It may never be able to outrun any Pokémon due to its low Speed stat, but that doesn't really matter since it was designed to be a slow Pokémon in the first place. d: