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Originally Posted by Venitardus View Post
I can give you a eevee with the dream world ability, dream world drifloon and dream world munna for a dream world scraggy, houndour and gligar (if you don't wanna trade for them, I understand) (oh and if you have any random eggs you wanna give away, I'll take 3)
I'll get back to you quickly on that. I am going to quickly breed Gligar and Scraggy so that I have one to keep. (should be quick)

Originally Posted by WhiteKnightL View Post
Hey! I would love a Naive Lotad and an Impish Shroomish. I got most of what you need. I got a Fearow that I can part with since I already have a DW Spearow, while I can breed some of the others. I can also breed the Johto starters that you need.

I got a shop of my own, so take a look if you are unsure of what you want.
Okay . I looked at your shop and I would really like to have a Machop.
So Machop + Fearow for Shroomish and Lotad?

My Trade Shop Shiny Value: 3241
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