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    Main driving forces behind my votes...Link's my main fighter, Pokemon are cool, PEWPEW^∞, and I Like Swords. XD

    Meta Knight vs. Wario
    Peach vs. Wolf (yeah...the only person Peach will probably trump for me is probably Jigglypuff. XD)
    Pichu vs. Ness (Because Pichu is utterly inferior to least it should be combatwise, given that it's a pre-evolution of Pikachu... )
    Mewtwo vs. Pikachu (This one was just cruel! I think I played more as Mewtwo in SSB Melee but series-wide, Pikachu's elemental affinity and moveset have been loads of fun to utilize. Note that I am a fervent supporter of having Mewtwo permanently returning as a playable SSB character, beginning with SSB4! )
    Pokemon Trainer vs. Diddy Kong
    Young Link vs. Ganondorf (this one was kind of hard, because Ganondorf is imposing and all... Link is utterly cool, but Young Link gives me mixed opinions...)
    Bowser vs. Captain Falcon (ARRGH; hard one! Both have great movesets, but went with C. Falcon because FALCON PAWNCH!..)
    Mr. Game & Watch vs. Marth
    Falco vs. R.O.B (grrr...another hard one!)
    Pit vs. Mario (mainly because Pit's moveset is much more fun to play as, and he has dual blades)
    Dr. Mario vs. Ice Climbers (although I want Dr. Mario to return in a palette-swap-ish/costume-ish form and Ice Climbers to be playable, Dr. Mario has that certain appeal about him... Must be the title and the cape!)
    Lucas vs. Zero Suit Samus (the latter has a funner moveset to play as, isn't a clone, and is exceedingly hot)
    Jigglypuff vs. Fox (PEWPEW! Quite easy to choose. And don't get me started on how much I loathe Jigglypuff in SSB...)
    Kirby vs. Pikmin & Olimar (Kirby feels more rewarding to play as...although he's cool and I'm glad he's in SSB with the moveset that he has, playing as Olimar just feels like a chore... :/)
    King Dedede vs. Sonic (kind of hard; both have nice appeal)
    Zelda vs. Ike
    Lucario vs. Luigi (because TEH AURA)
    Yoshi vs. Samus (again, PEWPEW!..or maybe more like PSSEEWOOOSH. Plus, Samus has more firepower, fun moveset to play as, and more elemental options at her disposal)
    Toon Link vs. Snake (would've been VERY different and difficult if the "Toon" prefix was omitted)
    Sheik vs. Roy (GAH; WHY MUST YOU TORMENT ME WITH LEGEND OF ZELDA VS FIRE EMBLEM MATCH-UPS?? ;_; Zelda and Roy; i'm so sorry!!!)
    Donkey Kong vs. Link (easy-peazy banana squeezy...or something. DK's still cool, tho. He cool. *bro-fists with Donkey Kong*)
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