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Originally Posted by AnonygooseD View Post
What I don't get is why you mods suddenly thought of enforcing this law? Was it because you had no more laws of your own to make? {XD} LOL JK

But seriously, why? I've never even heard of this law anywhere or of this agency & I've been on the internet for almost 2 decades now...
Both of your questions have been answered repeatedly within the confines of this thread.

1. The administration of the site had been discussing the site's COPPA stance, and realized during that discussion that PC does meet the criteria that requires PC to enforce COPPA.

2. The server is a .com domain and is hosted in the US, both of which cause the site to fall under the jurisdictions of US law. That you've never heard of the law is to be expected, as non-residents are not expected to know every US law unless they are living within or visiting the United States or one of its territories. That you've never heard of the law does not make it any less relevant, either, since on most sites joining whilst under the age of 13 was cause for a ban to begin with, since they had decided long ago that they met the COPPA enforcement criteria outlined in the COPPA law, which is likely the reason you haven't heard of the law before. The fact remains that COPPA is an old enough law to have been applicable to me for 5 years after it was made into law in 1998.
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