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    Originally Posted by Fading Tree View Post
    @the end
    That helped me resize my sprites faster thank you
    but they were still coming out at the same quality.
    I'm going to have to paint over them like my initial thought.
    Then you are doing something wrong. It is perfectly possible to resize Gen4 and Gen5 graphics to fit in Essentials without correcting anything. Maybe i should describe you how.
    1. Edit sprite sheet from spriters resources or whatever
    2. Double the size using the "next neighbor" setting
    3. Remove background color
    4. Cut the sprite you want to out
    5. Create a new data with the size 160x160
    6. Add the sprite you cut out there
    7. Align it to the center
    8. Add it to Essentials or replace existing Trainer sprite
    It is really not that hard. Overworlds are even easier. I guess your problem was that you wanted to make them 128x128 right? You don't need to. Same goes for the overworlds. You don't need to fit them into the size from existing overworlds of Gen3.

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