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    Hello there everyone!! You may call me Sosuke, or Aran i guess, but anyways~ I'm here to help! I really like playing all these games made by fans and stuff, but now...i wanna help with one!! :D I can be a beta tester, or like help with the story line and stuff!! Though i know nothing about scripting and spriteing or the like, i could help with alot of other things i would really love the chance too :D Let me know if anyone would like that?

    Free Agent looking for work
    Area looking for work: Beta Tester, Storyline designer, Sponsership/Spreading the word of the game.
    Timezone: Arizona, USA
    Preferred method of contact: Facebook, Skype.
    Examples of work: I have written some fanfictions (for story line) and helped out some friends with storyline and beta testing but none have been for pokemon, yet :D
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