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    Note in advance - all of this is in the context of in-game play and team ratings and such for in-game play.

    There's no way that Charizard is overrated. If anything, at this point, it's UNDERrated. It's pretty much impossible to open a thread like this anywhere without seing a bajillion people all prattling on about how much Charizard sucks. Everywhere I go, it's "charizard sucks, charizard sucks, charizard sucks, blah blah blah..." That's pretty much the exact opposite of "overrated."

    You know what's actually overrated in the first gen? Blastoise. Yeah - it's a ninja turtle with cannons on its back, which is sort of cool, but it's really just a mediocre-at-best pokemon. Hell - it's only mediocre-at-best even just as far as water types go. Starmie, Vaporeon and Lapras are all better.

    You know what else is overrated in the first gen? Arcanine. It's a decent enough pokemon (or at least it can be, if you're willing to tote a Growlithe around long enough to get the good moves on it), but in the end it's just... above average. It's solidly, consistently, in all its stats, above average, and that's it.

    In the second gen, lately (particularly in the wake of B2/W2) Ampharos has gotten enough of a sort of "cult following" that it's getting overrated. It too is a decent enough pokemon, and certainly at least a bit better than one would expect, and it's got a surprisingly good movepool, but it's just really not all that great. Not bad - just overrated.

    And anywhere outside of one very narrow niche in competitive battling, Skarmory is definitely overrated. Yeah - it has a pretty good typing and great defense and it can lay and clear entry hazards... and that's it. After Defense, its second best stat is Attack, at 80. That's barely average. And every other stat is even worse than that. All it can do is physical wall, which is only occasionally useful in-game, and lay and clear entry hazards, which is entirely useless in-game. Skarmory is far and away the most obvious example of a pokemon's competitive prowess seeping over into in-game ratings.

    For third gen, first - what's with the Gardevoir responses? How is Gardevoir "overrated?" That doesn't mean that people say it's their waifu - it means that people RATE it's abilities OVER what they legitimately are. I haven't seen anyone do that with Gardevoir, nor have I seen anyone claim that anyone does that with Gardevoir. Instead all I see are people going off because it's got a creepy fanbase. Creepy fanbase != "overrated."

    Personally, I can't really think of any overrated third gen pokemon right off. By third gen, we're starting to get into the "reflexively hated" gens (RRAURGH! TRUMPETS!!), so if anything, third gen pokemon tend to be underrated, since there are so many people who just hate all of them, collectively, the good with the bad.

    There was a time when Absol was a bit overrated, but oddly enough, after the physical/special split, when it could finally get a physical STAB to go with its Attack and actually became a better pokemon, it lost some of its popularity and ended up not so overrated.

    Fourth gen - sadly (since it's one of my own favorites), Luxray tends to be overrated. It's (I think deliberately) a lot like Arcanine, but that includes the fact that it's just pretty solidly above average, and that's really about it.

    Beyond that, I can't think of any that are overrated in the fourth gen, though quite a few that are underrated because kneejerk hate.

    And that's pretty much the case with the fifth gen as a whole. (RAUURGGH! OVERDESIGNED ICE CREAM CONE TRASH BAG!!!) If anything, fifth gen pokemon tend to be underrated, just because so many people hate them all indiscriminately. Scrafty might be trending a bit overrated, but it really is an excellent pokemon, and there's enough reflexive hate to counter the tendency to overrate it that it probably balances out. Reuniclus is the same way - it tends to get a bit overrated sometimes, but it really is good, and the Pavlovian fifth gen hate sort of neutralizes the overrating.