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    I - Eevee. He's okay. Certainly not bad, but not deserving of all the hype he gets. Runner-up goes to Pikachu, who GF continues to milk.

    II - A tie between Scizor and Umbreon. Scizor's hugely overrated (Seriously, guys, he's not that cool) and a step back from Scyther. I mean seriously, how does a prehistoric-looking dino-mantis turn into a ninja bug with scissors for claws? And Umbreon because he gets way too much praise and he has way too many fanboys. I'm sick of everyone saying he's the best Eevee form solely because he's Dark type and therefore "Edgy" and "Angsty". Just No.

    III - Gardevoir. This one's so bad that you can't even look it up on Google Images anymore.

    IV - Lucario. Never before has any Pokemon inspired so much bad fanart and insipid fanfiction. Everyone loves this guy, too. I don't get it. He's okay. Just okay. You don't need to write fanfiction about him and Gardevoir. Just no.

    V - Oshawott. I remember when this generation came out, and everyone was just obsessing over him. I mean, sure, he's not nearly as annoying as, say, Lucario, but the fanboyism over him is ridiculous.
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