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    If it's another Stadium/PBR - It has to be like Stadium and not like PBR. The battle mode in Colosseum was better than the whole of PBR (minus online). I want to be able to choose from a LARGE range of battle rule options (including random teams) locally and online, even customise my own, and I want a mode where I'm able to battle any team of pokemon I want, the entire national pokedex, with selectable movepools. I want unlockables, and I want to be able to connect my X/Y team into the game for some sort of story/gym challenge mode with hack filters. I don't want battle passes, or if they make a comeback they have to be better. I want to design my trainer in more than about 2 ways. I'm talking Sims style, not just picking from pre-designed characters and making minor clothes changes or whatever. I want decent graphics. It's 2013, all of this is possible and will sell immensely.

    If it's a fighting game - Great. I've certainly always wanted to see this, ever since I played Digmon Rumble on the PS2 and realised the potential for a console Pokemon fighter. Although I'm sure the majority of Pokemon fans would rather have some sort of battle or RPG game as a priority and this later. It would have to have at least a Super Smash Bros. sized roster realistically, and hopefully incorporate more than just fighting types, although I'm sure any fan would want every Pokemon playable, but that wouldn't happen. DLC would be interesting for this.

    If it's an RPG - Perfect. I think everyone wants this deep down. It's been too long since Colloseum and XD, and if we got this in 2013, it's bound to incorporate some sort of battle mode(s) with decent depth, plus online features as well. I think they should incorporate modern graphics with the layout of Colloseum/XD and the idea of Generations and you'd have a masterpiece. Maybe less snagging and more catching what you want though.

    Whatever they do, I just hope they make sure it's good quality. No more of these fun but underwhelming Pokepark and Pokemon Rumble games. They're just scraping the surface of what could be done in current gen. Literally any console game I pick up these days, I always think imagine if this was applied to a Pokemon game how good it could be. The image they showed does look good quality and SHOULD be in game footage of some sort. Take a leaf out of the creators of Pokemon Generations book. That's what everyone has wanted since day 1, imagine a full blown professional, experienced team working on Generations, it would be incredible for the fans and it would make them money. Port it to Wii U. For me it's a logical step for the creators, I know he keeps coming out and saying 'Oh Pokemon is about trading and taking it everywhere with you'.. well yes we can still do that and have it playable when we get home on a console as well. I'd say Pokemon is played more at home by oneself or with siblings than anything anyway. Plus we can still trade online anyway. Plus Pokemon bank. To me, his argument is kind of invalid now and isn't making too much sense. Just transfer the 'basis of Pokemon' - trading and travelling - that he's talking about, to a virtual version of this, while still having the physical portability available primarily via the portable consoles. What's stopping them?

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