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Aah this entire episode was super-adorable ♥

Skitty chasing her tail on the couch reminded me of this kitty I saw once chasing its tail on a bar stool, poor thing got dizzy and fell off

Back to the episode, I really liked Meowth in this one, helping Skitty run away from TR so she won't be unhappy with them, instead of keeping her with them so he can be around her. Now that's love, hehe.

And it seems like Skitty's gonna be a troublemaker, letting herself out of her Poke Ball. Plus, the way she got captured was so funny, reminded me of the way Misty's Psyduck was caught.

ETA: Oh oh, and Skitty playing cat and mouse with Pikachu! Get it, cat and mouse, 'cause Skitty's a kitty and Pikachu's a ... Okay, okay, I'll let myself out now

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