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    Meta Knight vs. Sonic (Yes, I am bitter)
    Peach vs. Ness (Easy peezy)
    Pikachu vs. Link (I don't like either of them but went with the slightly better one. :V)
    Diddy Kong vs. Ganondorf (Ook ook ook. Sorry Ganon but you sucked in Brawl)
    Bowser vs. Samus (Melee Samus at least is pretty damn good. Bowser is fun to play, though, so this was hard.)
    Ice Climbers vs. Marth (Minna miteite kure!)
    Zero Suit Samus vs. Sheik (DAT DOWN SMASH. I gotta give it to APEX's champion)
    Falco vs. Mario (OH CRAP. Super hard one. On one hand, Mario sucks in Brawl comparison to the other games, but he was still fun to play. Falco in Brawl is still pretty godlike like in Melee but I didn't like the changes made to him. In the end I opted for Falco, because I only Mario in Smash 64 since I prefer Dr. Mario in Melee and he just sucks in Brawl.)
    Kirby vs. Snake (If Kirby's super boring moveset wins over Snake who has the best one, I'll plant a C4 on each of your houses.)
    Ike vs. Fox (Bow down to the original smash god)

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