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Hi Suicune. I love Expert Emerald, it's actually the only reason I got onto these forums. I'm having a big problem though. When I entered Pacifidlog Town I got trapped. The first thing that happen was the fisherman on the float to my left became my avatar and I could only move him. So I reloaded. When I reloaded I entered the pokemon center and re exited and he didn't take over my avatar again. But this time I couldn't enter any of the houses or it would freeze. So I downloaded the patch 1.36 and patched it. If I do anything wrong those two problems will still occur sometimes, and if I avoid it by going to the pokemon center first, then the bottom right house second it avoids those two problems but I can't go north from the pokemon center or it will freeze. I'm running MacBoy Advance and I believe I have the latest download but I could be wrong. I know less about hacks and mods than probably anybody here. Everything else was fine except I can't use the pc where the guy in emerald originally gives you the national dex because he freezes the game. Anybody have any idea what could be wrong?
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