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    IMO, the hidden power mechanic is dumb, and I think IVs are still a crappy mechanic for competitive play, which makes hidden power crappy (insert infinite loop joke here). Hidden power is just a weak move to cover a weakness. You can cover a weakness that's better with almost any other move that a Pokemon learns. Overall It just seems like hidden power was some sort of quick-fix for balance issues in the game. I think it'd be more interesting if hidden power's mechanic was somewhere along the lines of a random type whenever you used it, or random type whenever you'd go into battle.

    IVs and genetics? More like real life? It's a game made for kids, and even for older teens and adults, IVs are useless. Granted that at level 100 IVs make 1 stat point of a difference per IV value (level 100.. 0 IVs attack is 300, with 31 IVs it's 331), and half that (15) at level 50, but it's still big enough of a difference. EVs make an even bigger difference really (63 stat points with 252 EVs at level 100), so no matter what IVs a player's pokemon has, he/she is still gonna go with the same Pokemon build depending on what strategy he/she chose. IVs don't play a role at all in strategizing in competitive play, it only affects total stats that that certain pokemon has. Again, IVs (and hidden power adjacently) are totally useless in the overall grand scheme of things.

    Natures are fine, at least you have a lot more control over natures and has an actual strategy element to them.

    I don't mean to sound harsh, I'm just keeping the debate open.
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