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    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    A desire to travel the world, have new experiences? If you have the means to do so you don't really need a reason to travel beyond just wanting to. I'd imagine the champion of a region would have the money to travel wherever they wanted.

    Why did Ash Ketchum ever leave the Kanto region?
    What a way to nitpick a single sentence out of my post where my next sentence starts the explanation.

    If people wanted to just play in a certain region, they'd boot up the official game and play there.
    Now read on from there.

    As far as Ash Ketchum leaving to other regions, it's only to continue the Pokemon anime storyline with the same character. He wanted to travel the world, and there were some storylines to the new region (weak, maybe, but that's not the point). For the Pokemon games, to have all regions, travelling it with one single character just for the sake of travelling might not be enough. It might be a little more logical in an official Pokemon release to have all regions, where catching Pokemon actually matters. That way you can catch every single Pokemon (barring certain legendaries) with one single game.
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