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Originally Posted by alejoriad View Post
dude, i dont really know how to insert music, i have seen some tutorials but i cant really make it work, and looping, no way its really hard.. i dont even understand it at all... please make a tutorial of the way you insert them! you are a reaally good music hacker! i would like to insert cries to my unovas pokemons and also add black and white music to my emerald new hack im working in.. it would be awesome if u reply this quickly. Thanks!
This is a step by step tutorial on inserting and ripping music.

Originally Posted by lit000 View Post
May I just ask..
Can I do another patching over this one?

I mean like, for example, patch this first, then put an EXPERT EMERALD patch to the newly created rom..

Will it work properly, or the music'll be shuffled?
Ps I'm just sick and tired of nostlagia
Do this one first since you need fresh ROMs, and then do expert emerald. This uses areas 1000000 and on, so if expert emerald uses the same areas don't apply it.
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