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Welcome to the club, Ajin! Haha, rump.

Rereading the whole thing takes time and effort, you know. It seriously took me months but now I've read the whole thing up until Act 6 Act 6 twice. I think it is nice to read it twice though, at least if you've reached Act 6, because you appreciate and can smile at some things that you might not have thought about as much the first time around. Like the fact that Gamzee in an early conversation with Equius says that he shall make the latter smile if it's the last thing he does, or something. And right before Gamzee strangles Equius, the latter smiles weirdly. I didn't understand why until the second read-through. And a lot of other minor things, too. First time around, I didn't bother reading Aranea's Mindfang's long journal entries. But when I did, they were quite interesting.

Anyways, you've reached a highly confusing but certainly interesting part of the story. I can reveal that very soon, you will hopefully have a mind=blown moment. Maybe not as much as us who read that part when Hussie first created it and, hm, well did certain edits to older panels. But still.

Also, new-old topic? While we're on the subject of rereading and remembering stuff.
What is your favorite, most memorable, moment in Homestuck?

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