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    This is related to a my previous post about the map, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in an idea of a new roleplay idea. Everything is still very much a work in progress, but I just wanted to gauge interest.

    The roleplay would be a group of new trainers who were given (rare) pokemon by a mysterious but charismatic man/woman (I haven't decided on that part yet) at the request that he can act as a mentor to the trainers in their journey. The roleplay begins a month after the characters received their first pokemon from the man and have become somewhat adept at training (think around level 20 with a few pokemon.) He requests that the trainers help him in taking down the local evil group, who have been capturing local legendary pokemon and committing terrorists acts over the past few years.

    The mentor character will give them the location of one of their hideouts that seemed appropriate for their level. The roleplay would continue with them traveling around the region as they take on more missions from the Mentor.

    However as they progress they will quickly learn of the actual motives behind the 'evil' team and begin to question if their actions have actually been the right thing to do. Furthermore the trainers will begin to question and learn more about their mysterious Mentor, his history and his motives behind all this work.

    Legendaries will play a big role in the roleplay as they'll be objectives that will be fought over between the players team and the evil team, depending on success, characters can actually catch legendaries, but so will the evil team in defeat, in fact the evil team will have a few big players already captured (Mewtwo being a very important one) and are researching the locations of others. (I won't allow Legendaries in normal battles, due to plot appropriate reasons and wanting to avoid having the player feel super-all-powerful in more normal situations, but they will be available for high stakes battles.

    I'm still plotting out a lot of the history of the region itself, but the main idea is that it will be a two island region, with the northern island split into a northern and southern part, separated by a huge wall.
    The far north is very isolated, with few people living there, but it is high in dark, ghosts, and psychic types, dragons types are also fairly common, it's also the only place where one can find ice type pokemon. It's very cold and mountainous place, full of savages and dangers. Trainers won't be allowed into the north unless they get the four gym badges of the south(which becomes a secondary objective during the roleplay) or are capable of climbing the wall without them. There are no gyms in the north, only mystery and danger.
    The south will be a bit more comfortable, made of mostly forested regions, plains, and beaches. The roleplay will start in the south in the capital port city. It's fairly advance compared to the two other parts of the regions and is the only place with electric types. Grass, bug , poison, and normal are very common here. There are two gyms in the southern region.
    The southern island is a very hot and humid place, comparable to the Caribbean. The people here are much darker than the rest of the region. The island has a large volcano and is the only place where fire types can be found. Rock and ground pokemon are incredibly common here, though there are unique grass, water, and dragon types unique only to the island. Like the south, this part of the region only has 2 gyms.

    To counteract certain types not being readily available, there will be local breeders who will be willing to trade or sell pokemon to trainers in certain towns. Pokemon from the north will generally be worth more than pokemon from the south, though everything depends on location.

    I'm hoping for the roleplay to be very dynamic and involving a lot of loss and drama. So that I don't have the whole plot outlines beforehand, I was hoping that some battles (and indirectly big decisions) might be decided over battle simulators (like pokemon online) with team stats and such being saved in a -pad somewhere. I was also planning some nuzlocke-esque rules so pokemon can die and will when losing certain battles. Of course I'm not going to force complete wipes for every lost, but I'd like to image stakes for bad battles would be pretty fun and promote better decision making.

    I ended up making this post a lot longer than intended, but I might as well not waste it now with all the effort I put in. Let me know if you're interested or have any pointers in what I should do with direction/writing.

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