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Don't recall the addiction level, but I liked Snap, Pinball, Puzzle League/Challenge and the very first PMD: Whatever the Subtitle for the DS. I'm not good at pinball, but of all the mascot pinball games I played, it definitely kept me hooked the most. I really like the music in it as well.

League/Challenge is a no brainer being a Panel de Pon skin, though tbh I probably played both the Tetris Attack and the Nintendo Puzzle Collection versions way more often. I will say that DS PMD was a game I couldn't get enough of at the time. You have to remember, it was pretty big step for the series to let you play as the Pokemon, all of which actually had characterizations. You darn well better believe I was on top of that game. :D I think I played it with more intent than anything prior, save for my first time playthroughs of Blue and Yellow.

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