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Update 2:
- Caught a HootHoot on route 3, named him Bonzo (He went into PC)
- Bought a Magikarp from the guy outside Mt.Moon, Aparently it counts as route 4 so that is good :D
- Caught a Clefairy in Mt.Moon and named her Hayley.
- Kipper evolved into a Marshtomp.
- Chose the Dome fossil at the end of Mt.Moon.
- Finished Mt.Moon, Kipper is now level 20, Dabby is Level 20, Flair is level 16, Bubbles is level 22, both Daisy and Danny are still level 10.
- Taught Mega Kick to Kipper.
- Encounter for Cerulean City was a Staryu, killed it with a crit by mistake :l
- Bubbles evoloved into Breloom in Cerulean Gym.
- Beat Misty with a little beat of difficulty, eventhough I had 2 pokemon to deal with her her Starmie was still way OP. Didn't lose a team member though which is nice :D
- Decided to box Danny seeing as I have an electric type.
- Defeated Rival Green on the nugget bridge.
- Dabby evolved into Electabuzz on the Nugget Bridge.
- Beat all the trainers on the nugget bridge and the rocket grunt.
- Caught an Oddish on route 24, named him Pomme.
- Flair fainted to a wild Kirlia.
- The Kirlia then trolled me by teleporting away, no capture for route 25.
- Egg I recieved earlier hatched into a Togepi on route 5, named him Pudding.


Current Team:

Bubbles Level 24
Male | Effect Spore | Docile
Mach Punch | Mega Drain | Headbutt | Leech Seed

Dabby Level 24
Male | Static | Rash
Karate Chop | Thunderpunch | Swift | Ice Punch

Daisy Level 10
Female | Pickup | Timid
Headbutt | Tackle | Tail Whip | Growl.

Kipper Level 23.
Male | Torrent | Brave
Water Gun | Mud Shot | Mega Kick | Growl

Pudding Level 5
Male | Serene Grace | Careful
Growl | Metronome | Charm

Weedle, Oddish, HootHoot, Magikarp, Mareep, Clefairy.

Flair the Ponyta, Level 22, Died to Wild Kirlia.