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    Update 1:
    -Did all the beginning stuff
    -Choose Chimchar
    -Beat Rival
    -Received Journal
    -Traveled to Jubalife
    -Beat Rival... again
    -Obtained Rock Smash
    -Evolved Chimchar to Monferno
    -Caught Geodude
    -Beat Roark (never thought X-Items are useful)... Now I can trade.
    -Traded in Munch and Rocky
    -Forgot that they couldn't obey... Now I'll have to rely on Chingling for Gardenia
    -Traveled to Floraroma Town
    -Defeated Mars

    Badge Case

    My Team:

    Munch the Hardy Munchlax (Starter)
    Level 15/Male/Pickup

    Rocky the Calm Bonsly
    Level 15/Female/Sturdy
    Fake Tears
    Low Kick
    Rock Throw