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    Hey guys, sorry about my absence and inability to post. My activity in this thread has been dwindling for some time, and that isn't because of me becoming disinterested. The concept is pretty awesome, actually. There just has been a lot on my plate over the last couple of weeks.

    First, you guys should know that I love my pets more than anything in the world, and I convey that through my trainers. Well, regretfully, my family just lost quite a few of our very old cats a couple of weeks ago. Note that I had known these cats for about thirteen years of my life, that is almost the entirety of my existence so far.

    Grief set aside, the reason I wasn't able to post was because Cyndaquil kind of reminds me of a cat, and less of a ferret like thing, as with Quilava. It was painful thinking of my cats while I attempted to post.

    Still, that wasn't fair to you guys for not letting you know about this. But I had kinda just shut down after that happened. If you guys will still have me, I can certainly have a post up by later today, because I've taken all the time I need. I am still very interested in this RP, and like you guys, I would hate to see it die out.

    Edit: I made a post to give Chris' input on moving to the next route.

    And for anyone looking for a visual representation of Chris:

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