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September 20, 2013

First thing I did was head to the Entralink Forest to catch the Croagunk I found in the Dream World!

“Croagunk, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon. Croagunk rarely fight fairly, but that is strictly to ensure survival. Inflating their poison sacs, they fill the area with an odd sound and hit flinching opponents with poison jabs. They are also popular as mascots.”

271. Croagunk

I then did a lot of training with my current team on Route 22, and by the end of the night, had finished training all of them. I sent the five Pokémon back to storage after resting them at the Pokémon Center.

Dream World: Mienshao. Found: nothing new; Clamperl that can use Aqua Ring.
Dream World 2: Magmar. Found: Heatmor that can use Giga Drain.

September 21, 2013

The next team of five that I took out for training consisted of Dunsparce, Flareon, Castform, Drifblim, and Spheal.

I did a lot of training with this team during the day; so much so that my Spheal evolved into Sealeo in the morning, and then again into Walrein later in the day!

272. Sealeo

273. Walrein

September 22, 2013

Dream World: Bouffalant. Found: Kricketot that knows Endeavor! This leaves just one more Pokémon to find in the Dream Park! But time is running out. We also befriended a female Meditite with the ability Telepathy.
Dream World 2: Electabuzz. Found: Petilil that knows Charm.

I finished up training my current Pokémon. Then I rotated my team and had another five Pokémon sent to me: Weezing, Espeon, Lairon, Shuppet, and Altaria.

During some late night training at the Nimbasa City Sports Domes, my Shuppet evolved into Banette!

274. Banette

Then, when I returned to the Pokémon Center, I was awarded a medal towards the Medal Rally. Apparently, Banette was the last ghost-type Pokémon I needed to obtain in the Unova region! I also received 16 Hint Medals, which obviously are for when I finish obtaining each of the other types of Pokémon in Unova.

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 83/124
New Medals:
Ghost-type Catcher
Alola Pokédex: Obtained 74 Seen 86
Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 57 Seen 64
Akala Pokédex: Obtained 40 Seen 49
Pokédex Go: Obtained 133 Seen 139
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