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    +*Sports Aficionados*+

    We are a club designed for the many who enjoys following and watching popular north american sports leagues such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB....etc.
    Here you can discuss any topic from the amazing plays, shocking trades, biggest games and many more happening regarding the sports you watch and team(s) you root for.


    -Follow general forum rules and club rules-
    -Keep any insulting comments towards others to yourself-
    -Make your post count. no spamming(no one liners/flaming)-
    -Don't take sports debates/discussion personally-

    +Club Application Form+

    Which sport aficionado are you?:
    Your favorite sports team(s)?*if it applies*:
    Your Favorite sports moment(s)?:
    Your Favorite athlete(all time or current)?:

    *more categories will be added as more people join*

    Alfon - Teams: OKC Thunder and Chicago Bears

    Flush'd - Teams: Detroit Tigers

    -coming soon-

    +Current Discussions+
    *Current topic of discussions will be list here for members to voice their opinion on*
    *Members are welcome to suggest topics*


    Remember the days....