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    Some Very Early Screenshots from something I am working on.

    NOTE: Everything on these Screens is still a HEAVY Work in Progress and the content you see might not be the final content. Sprites, Environments and Events might change from these screens into the Final Product! For Instance, the Hero Sprite in these sprites is not the final one.

    After a while here is finally a first batch of Screenshots from my work in progress Pokémon Fan Game - Pokémon: Dawn of Souls, as previsourly stated, these are still a very work in progress and they are not even close to what the first version of the project to be released is going to be - something that may still take a very good hand of months to happen.

    Here is a list by screens:
    First Screen - A Prototype Title Screen, the final tittle screen will be much more complete and will actually have a Version Number instead of "Prototype" in the bottom. Background will also probably change. Logo inspired in the latest Mystery Dungeon Logo.
    Second Screen - Lumitron Town - "The White Town of Beauty" where you speak to a lady outside the laboratory that quickly tells you that Professor Pamila (Name most likely subject to change) is always a busy man. (Image contains a few errors that will be fixed)
    Third Screen - Part of Route 601, with a PlaceHolder Youngester that isn't still programmed in.
    Fourth Screen - A Work in Progress Battle Screen as well, with actual backgrounds.
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