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+ Username: AlexOzzyCake
+ Favourite AM Song, and why? Hard question! They've had so many incredible songs but I think I'll have to go with 505 for the best - it's such a perfectly written song. It keeps building up and climaxes into something incredible with great solo riffs thrown in and Alex Turner's voice is just to die for omg. When they play it live with Miles it's just... wow.
+ When did I first hear about them? Hmm! I think it was on Jools Holland's show and they were debuting their first album and they started playing When The Sun Goes Down whilst no one in the audience knew the song so they kept thinking it was finished after the intro and again just before the outro haha. I loved them since the moment Alex Turner opened his mouth and that's never died down; they've had album after album after album and they've always remained one of my most listened to bands. They had some dips with albums like Humbug but all in all they've been consistently great artists and I absolutely adore their work.