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I have yet to find Pokerus on any of my games (in the games where I've gotten it, someone else has given it to me). It's neat that you found it so early, though I don't know how helpful it will be at the beginning of the game (before you have access to good EV training areas). Just make sure to spread it around to several Pokémon (and box some of them) to make sure you don't lose it inadvertently.

As for shinies, I've had very little luck with shinies in fifth gen. I found my first fifth gen shiny yesterday when playing through a White 2 file I'd never beaten. Unfortunately, I was paired up with Bianca in Reversal Mountain at the time, and she killed the shiny Skorupi I found before I had a chance to knock out the other wild Pokémon or Bianca's Pokémon. Ugh. I hate the can't-aim-when-there-are-two-Pokémon-present feature.
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