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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Omg have you found my old hidden Arcanum notes? Haha, this is pretty much what I had in mind for that RP once upon a time.

@Kranic - If you need help linking the mythos and whatnot, I could try and help? I enjoy writing things that . . . I don't have to make a post-every-so-often commitment to. xD

Linking the legendaries and other pokemon mythos together can be fun. Although, I do enjoy it more if it has a "darker" tone to it.

I seriously want to do a kinda super dark pokemon roleplay in the near future.

EDIT: Also, do you guys think stuff like a
  • Chandelure grabbing a trainer by the neck and wrenching their poor, vibrant souls from their bodies or,
  • A nest of Galvantula that ensnare unwary passersby and keep them in their nest for food or,
  • Really any of the darker descriptions of certain pokemon being applied
are too violent for a lovely little journey roleplay? Lol, is it weird that I seriously really want to see stuff like that happen?