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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Preview of today's episode called Love Games.

"Wrap those gorgeous pythons around me." I think I just died of laughing. XD

This look like a really hilarious episode. While the preview may seem like it's gonna be another "romantic lovey dovey episode" but it really seems to be in a funny just for laughs kind of way. I'm excited for it. Anyone else have any thoughts?
I watched the episode and lemme tell ya..

Essentially, this episode did a lot of confirmation on stuff. Those include the fact that Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig are still together, IK still lives in the tree fort, Finn's hair is seen again, Finn isn't over his breakup, and finally, it's about time we had an episode without Princess Bubblegum at all!

To be honest, I thought Finn seemed to get along better with Slime Princess than he did Flame Princess.. although SP was "being forced" to go with Finn, Finn didn't feel all that comfortable at all having to be in love with her, yet they seemed to have better and less awkward interactions with one another.

And quite the adult humor was seen in this episode too, if you ask me.
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