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First of all, i'm not here Secondly, I've been a huge fan of the GTA series and have invested a massive number of hours into all the III an IV era games except Vice City (and GTA Advance which sucks btw). There's just something magical about GTA, the satirical humour, interesting maps, violently crazy and fun gameplay, as well as just the freedom of exploration, I've loved GTA since watching my older cousin play it when I was young.

Now, on to GTA V. I've played 46 hours over a period of 5 days, have finished the story and have about 70% game completion. V wasn't exactly what I was expecting (nothing ever is) but it is still a marvellous piece of art that stays true to the GTA franchise and improves it greatly. The map is absolutely beautiful, with a bright, vivid art style that looks stunning. The colours make the game, it has ok graphical fidelity but the style sort of looks like a painting, you have to play it to understand. The water is just mind blowing, it's so enjoyable to swim in and looks like the clear, green and blue sea you'd see on a tropical beach The vast size of the map is a plus as well especially with the countryside, it's extremely cool to travel through green rolling hills and parched deserts, I wasn't so captivated by the city, probably because I haven't learnt it fully but more interiors would have been nice.

The story felt kind of short to me, but that's probably because I rushed through it so quickly! I now look forward to just exploring the vast, beautiful map and immersing myself in the detailed and interactive environment, I think there will be replayability for years to come, without going into multiplay even, which greatly excites me btw. GTA V= 9.5/10, do pick it up.
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