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    Angelique Everett & Xiu Lim

    Angelique wasted no time in going right into the fray of her attackers, jumping up above their extending grasps to land down on one of them with a knee right to the chest. As the attacked guard attempting to grab her, she flipped forward out of his reach and spun around, facing the other two who came at her swiftly. She jumped back and flung three cards at each, slicing them on their arms but not slowing them down as much as she needed. She ducked under a punch from both and delivered a front kick to the face of the other guard who was attempting to stand up. She faced the other two, who were recovering from their missed attack. "You guys are supposed to be professionals, right? This isn't very professional."

    "Great, another mouthy one. How many of these have we had to deal with today?" One complained, holding his hand up. Angelique stepped back as the glove began humming before a massive shot of something blew her back down the street, causing her to tumble and roll until she slammed into the railing.

    She groaned and pushed herself up, her side screaming in protest. "Jeez, I need one of those." She ran back once again, this time lighting her hands on fire as the two drew closer. She aerial-flipped over the next two punches and landed behind both them, continuing the momentum by flow-spinning around and punching one in the head before dipping down and roundhousing the last one, who blocked it somewhat. He reached for her once again, but she flipped out his way. "This is just sad. The people they hire for your job must be really underpaid."

    The guard sent a punch flying at Angelique, which she ducked under and delivered a punch to the guy's gut. However, she definitely overestimated her power behind it, and he kneed her in the stomach, almost making her keel over, before pushing her down on the street. "Actually, we're paid a great deal depending on who we capture. You're probably worth a lot, although that temper of yours could be better."

    Meanwhile, Xiu had traveled several meters and had surfaced outside the the arena at a distance she deemed safe and scanned the area in front of her. She could see many Equalist look-alikes guarding the front door, but she could also see much of the side of the arena was for the most part unguarded. Near the back there was some sort of activity, but she couldn't quite see what was happening from this angle. Interesingly enough, there was one stretch of ground along the side of the arena that was almost empty except for a single Equalist who seemed to be taking a break, considering the fact that they had their glove off and were smoking. Xiu found it a little strange that someone would take a smoking break in the middle of what she presumed was a big operation, but thinking back, she remembered how impulsive her decision to visit the arena was. It seemed that this group had been either waiting until she reached an area that was fit for attack, or that this specific attack was cobbled together last minute upon their learning that she was going to see the match. How they knew was irrelevant for now, but the fact that this attack was identical to the one seventy years prior and the fact that there was someone taking a break just to smoke and looking very unprepared while doing so both seemed to support the latter theory.

    Xiu continued scanning the area around her when she noticed a flash of light from where she had come from. Actually, it was more like several small flashes. It seemed that Angelique had been found, the lights probably being from the Equalist's gloves and Angelique's firebending. Realizing that her only ally could be in danger, she decided to return and help. Unfortunately, she wouldn't be able to get back as quickly as could potentially be necessary so she instead turned to the water falcon swimming nearby. Tamed birds were more responsive when spoken to, so she figured that she could try ordering it to go ahead of her and help. "Hey, little guy," she started, getting the bird's attention.

    She thought for a moment about what to say and remembered a couple things, specifically that she mentioned a guy who flirted with her at the arena and that she seemed to really dislike this bird's master. Considering what she knew about her personality, it was probably safe to say the two were one in the same. "I know you probably don't like that girl from earlier, what with her trying to strangle you, but your master really likes her and he wouldn't want her to get hurt." At this point she was just taking a stab in the dark, but she hoped that the guess was educated enough to have some sort of validity. "She's in trouble right now and needs your help. You don't have to do it for her or you, but at least do it for your master. Also, I'll see if I can get you a treat as a reward, okay?" She smiled as she finished her attempt to convince the bird to help her. Water falcons took effort to tame, so she assumed that the bird's master really cared about the bird (although why they were separated was a mystery to her and something that could potentially ruin this if it wasn't an accident) and focused on that for her plea. The reaction from the falcon seemed to imply that it had worked, as it paused for a moment before bursting out of the water, rocketing to Angelique's location. Now she just needed to think about how she would handle things when she made it there.

    Before the guard could finish off Angelique with a nice little shock to the neck, his attention was drawn to a blue projectile flying right towards his face. Despite his quickest attempt to grab it, said projectile crashed into his face, causing him to stumble backwards before tripping and falling on the ground. Falco skidded to a halt on the ground, flapping up and squawking angrily at the guy.

    "Ah jeez, we're fighting with a bird now?" The guard groaned, jumping up at the same time as Angelique. "This wasn't in my job description..."

    "Was getting beat up by a teenage girl in your job description? Because if so, lucky you."

    Instead of going directly to where the action was, Xiu moved off to the side far enough so that they wouldn't immediately notice her in the middle of their battle since they were too focused on Angelique. Even if they did, she would have space to get away. Fortunately, it didn't seem like she had been seen so she moved over behind a building where she could see what was happening and think of a plan. While she did so, she began to move water from the bay to where she was in the form of a very small stream along the ground, slowly accumulating it between her hands into a growing sphere. After a little while, her sphere had grown to an acceptable size, at least for what she planned to use it for. Peeking out from behind the corner of the building she had been using as cover, she saw that the Equalists had gotten over the surprise from the falcon's arrival and prepared themselves once more for battle. Now would be a good time to hit them with yet another surprise.

    Xiu stepped out from her cover slightly to be able to move and aim better before propelling the large glob of water forward where she then threw it towards the Equalists, expanding it so it was more like a wave. The end result was that the enemies had become wet. At first her opponents gave a look of surprise at the wave, but after realizing it had done nothing to hurt them, they turned their attention to its source. However, before they could respond to the arrival of yet another combatant, Xiu began to bend the water directly from the bay nearby and sent a trio of aquatic tendrils to snare the feet of each attacker and drag them into the water where she promptly heard the crackling of electricity. She waited several seconds before she pulled the people back out of the water, dropping the unconscious bodies a good distance from her. "Are you okay, Angelique?" she asked her companion.

    Angelique was somewhat bewildered - did a water octopus just devour those people? Well, now it was hard to dispute that Xiu was the Avatar. "Yup, perfectly fine. I'm glad I didn't eat. That kick would've made me throw up." She shook her head. "Did you get to the arena? What's going on down there?"

    "I didn't manage to get far before seeing what was happening here, but I did see something." Xiu paused for a moment, collecting her thoughts. She figured whether or not this attack was planned on-the-spot was of little concern to Angelique, so she decided to focus on what probably did matter to them here and now. "While I wasn't able to see exactly what they were doing, the Equalists were definitely doing something at the back of the arena. That happens to be where the supplies and other stuff is brought in, so if I had to guess, they're using that to either transport weapons or reinforcements in, or they're shipping something out. Either way, it means two things: there's a lot probably going on there at any given time, and there's a way into the arena from there."

    Xiu crouched down and slowly metalbent the equalist glove off of its wearer, not quite wanting to touch a metal object that used electricity while it was all wet. "I'm thinking we might be able to use disguises, but that's risky. We could always wait for Thokmay to get back, hopefully with reinforcements, before making a move as well, but I think that the back is probably our best chance at getting in."

    "Disguises? Xiu, you do realize that these people are wearing regular everyday clothing, right?" Angelique noted. "What kind of disguise would we need?"

    "Equalist gloves, masks, and not nice dresses," she said, gesturing to her current outfit.

    "Oh... well, the dress I can understand. And I should probably change too, since I doubt this outfit is common in Republic City." She sighed. "Alright, so where are we gonna get the clothes we need? I don't think we can steal them from these guys."

    Xiu was silent, considering that that was exactly what she had planned to do. "Why not?" As she spoke, she blew air forcefully at the gloves she had pried off the Equalists by now, trying to dry them off.

    "Well... they're guys... and we're girls... and they're a lot bigger than we are. They're gonna be really, y'know... baggy. That'll probably come off suspiciously."

    "Good point." Xiu was under the impression that any clothes suggesting a lower class would do, but what Angelique had said also held true. She could try adjusting the size, but she used a machine to sew for the most part, one that was at her study. Stealing from any nearby stores was probably not an option either, so that left only a few options. Steal clothes from other Equalists closer to their size, try to alter the size with a makeshift needle and thread, wherever she would find that, or wait for Thokmay. She looked back at the unconscious bodies in front of her and then back to Angelique. There was another option, though. "This will probably be even more risky than disguises, but how good would you consider yourself when it comes to stealth?"

    "Eh, I'm pretty good. I'm light on my feet. Why?"

    Xiu realized that she should stop assuming that other people would be able to figure certain things out and just operate under the assumption that they couldn't unless told otherwise. "If we can't get disguises, we'll just have to sneak in. I take it you don't exactly want to wait for Thokmay to get back with Julienne in danger."

    "I was already planning on sneaking inside, so yeah. You don't always need a complicated plan to do something right." She replied, walking towards the arena.

    Xiu followed suit, walking behind. She turned to Angelique and asked, "Are you sure you don't want to go underwater? It'll be faster and you can see all the fish underneath! Well, it's night now so probably not, but it's still kinda fun!"

    Angelique fondly thought back to this morning, when Bird Freak had hit her with the hybrid fish rolls. Not a great memory. "I don't like the water. And fish smell."

    With an exaggerated sigh, Xiu smiled and replied, "Your loss. I think fish can be cute sometimes."

    "Yeah, they're so adorable when they're flopping on the beach and gasping for air like idiots. I like fish better in a deep-fryer, honestly."

    "Aww, that's no fun. Tasty, but not fun." Xiu almost pouted, but realized that they were approaching their destination and began to prepare, changing her mindset a little and lowering her voice further. In reality they were actually still fairly far, but she preferred to be prepared sooner. Better safe than sorry. "Have you never been to the beach or something?" She spoke in a hushed tone, trying to maintain the cheerful voice while keeping quiet.

    "Yeah, I've been to the beach. It was fun for almost half an hour until a kid kicked sand in my face while I was trying to sunbathe. And then there was the creepy perv who was trying to sneek peeks at me. After that, I decided that I wasn't a beach person."

    Honestly, Xiu had never actually been to the beach, only having read about it. In all the books it sounded like a center of fun, almost essential for summer vacations and such, but hearing it described like this made her apprehensive about taking any recreational visits there. "Hmm, maybe a pool is the place for you then."

    "Well, living in an apartment doesn't leave a lot of room for pools. The most interaction I get with water is turning on the sink or taking a shower." Xiu seemed to be, well, pretty uncomfortable in her manner of speech. From the way she talked through her sentences, she sounded like she hadn't really gotten out in while. Of course, she seemed shy as is, so it made sense sort of.

    Xiu thought of a way to continue the conversation, but figured that the topic of places to swim or watery hangouts had been exhausted. She was ready to think of a new one, but noticed that they were approaching their destination rapidly. "I think we should split up here and meet back up at the back entrance, or at least the closest safe area to it. That way if one of us is found, the other isn't and still has the element of surprise on their side."

    "Xiu. You're making this too complicated." Angelique explained. She stopped them when they were somewhat close to the arena grounds. "Do you know a lot about humans? They can be easily distracted and deceived very easily. Do you have anything that would make a loud sound when it hits something?"

    Xiu stopped walking. "Don't laugh, okay?" She started shuffling through her bag (which was quite wet at this point) and pulled out a slingshot and a bag containing the metal balls she had bent earlier. "I've got this thing. It's important to me, so its not just a toy."

    "Chillax, don't go full-blown diva on me." She took the slingshot and loaded a metal ball into it before pulling it back, aiming in the direction of the grounds, closing one eye to help her accuracy. "Point me in the direction of a guard that's close enough to all the others. If I can hit him and have him cause a lot of noise, we can sneak around to the back without being noticed."

    Would something so simple really work? If so, Xiu had been far overestimating these enemies. Of course, she had already entertained the possibility of this being a last minute attack, but a paramilitary organization that can be overcome by teenagers with slingshots was a little much. Stories of the Equalists made them out to be far more formidable. Thinking back, she noticed that just about all of the Equalists here were using the gloves, implying that they couldn't chi-block since such a skill would be inhibited by a heavy gauntlet. All in all, she figured that such a simple plan could actually work here. "We've got to get past the front first, so how about that one?" She pointed at a guard standing by the far side of the arena entrance. "The sides aren't very heavily guarded, actually. But can you aim higher than the actual guy? That way I can bend it so that it hits him from a different direction than it was shot."

    "Whatever floats your boat." She pulled the slingshot back just a bit more before firing the ball, watching it swiftly fly through the air... before it whished behind his head and then smacked into him roughly as it curved around from Xiu's bending. Most of the other guards nearby jumped up and went over to check on their commerade that had fallen on the ground from the mysterious shot, leaving the side's perfectly open for sneaking around.

    "Well, that's that then." She handed Xiu the slingshot again. "Let's get moving. The shrubbery should give us some cover."

    Realizing just how different theory and practice were at this point, Xiu decided to simply follow the more experienced Angelique's lead and hopped behind the shrubbery as well. Once the guards were busy searching for their mystery assailant in the wrong place, she decided now was the time to move. She dashed, using airbending to make her steps lighter, but was pulled back by something. She looked back and realized that her dress had been caught by the shrub. Unfortunately, she didn't exactly have anything to cut with and didn't want to risk snapping the small branch so she began to wrestle with detatching it. The movement resulted in a shaking that was probably worse than a simple branch snapping.

    Angelique looked back at Xiu when she heard the shrubs shaking, and immediately rushed back. "Xiu, what the hell are you doing? They're gonna see us! Just rip the stupid thing off and let's go before they come over here!"

    That was a bit too late, because Angelique immediately heard shouting coming from the other side of the shrubs, as well as hasty footsteps. "Great. Okay, I really, really hope you don't get mad at me for this. Sorry, girl." Angelique reared back her first and punched Xiu in the face, knocking her to the ground, before grabbing her arms and dragging her down. "Play along!" She whispered.

    As the bushes parted, Angelique loudly exclaimed, "Sorry sister, no one catches the Avatar that easil- oh... crap."

    The guards sneered as they stared down Angelique. "Well, that cuts the workload in half considerably, guys. Let's get this on with then."

    The guards leapt over the shrubbery, tackling down Angelique on the ground as she struggled and shouted very rude verbal insults at all of her assailants. A guard came over to Xiu and helped her up, doing his best to remove her torn dress from the branch. "Ma'am, are you okay? What are you doing back here?"

    Xiu had never been punched before, adding onto the fact that she wasn't exactly built like a brawler, so the impact left her incredibly dazed. She could barely keep track of what was happening around her, only hearing incoherent shouts. Great, so this is what I get for deciding to trust another person's plans. Next thing she knew, someone was helping her off the ground. "Y-ye-" She couldn't even get a single word out before she nearly tumbled to the ground again, being caught by the man. "Not... really."

    The man pulled her up, letting her lean against him for somewhat indecent support. "Hey, you guys! This girl is really hurt! I think she needs some medical attention."

    Another guard came over, inspecting the nearly-collapsed Xiu. "Is she a bender? ... Well, it doesn't matter now. We can't let her escape. We should just get her to the medical tent and then throw her into the crowd with everyone else. She's seen more than enough, so let's just keep her here."

    Two other guards came over, bringing along Angelique, who was currently handcuffed and hair amess. "So, you're Xiu, huh? You were described as a lot frillier than... well, that. Is that some kind of disguise?"

    "It's a disguise, morons." Angelique growled, flipping her bangs from her eyes. "Do you think I'm dumb enough to stay in my ridiculously bright dresses when sneaking around? If Miss Cow-Feet over there hadn't snuck up on me, I probably could've gotten inside before you idiots realized that I hit your friend over there with the metal ball."

    "... Good point, I guess. Either way, the Boss will be happy to see you. Now we just gotta deal with all these civilians." The guard looked back at Xiu. "Like I said, get her to the medical tent and let's get this invasion thing over with."

    Xiu listened to the exchange, baffled at how completely unprofessional these invaders were. It seemed that she had been treating every enemy as if their intellect matched her own, which was definitely not the case. It also seemed that she had underestimated Angelique's own wit. While she probably wasn't informed, she was probably the sort of person whose experience made them very "street smart". While this plan relied much on one person while endangering them both, it did get them inside quite easily and unharmed. For the most part. Regardless, she didn't appreciate the punch or the insults, as effective as they were, something that she'd have to take up with her after this was over with pouts and absurd hand gestures, maybe adding some fake tears into the mix.

    The guards took Angelique away, leaving the two guards with Xiu. "Hey, can you help me with this one? She's pretty out of it. Guess that Avatar chick hit her hard."

    "Yeah, I gotcha." The other guard grabbed Xiu's legs and lifted her up, allowing them to carry her across the grounds. "It didn't seem like too big of a struggle, though. Maybe this girl's just really, really weak?"

    "No one's that weak, man." The guard laughed. "She had to use some kind of bending on her. Maybe she hit her in the face with some Earth pillar?"

    "... You really have no idea how bending works, do you?"

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