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    Count me in.

    Username: SoundDesperado
    Game: Black
    Optional Rule(s): Nickname rule

    Trainer, wild, starter and static pokemon randomized, No Early Shedinja and Catch 'em All Mode on.

    EDIT: Tried it, but got killed early on by N's Regigigas D:, back to the drawing board I guess... had a Ninjask named "Evadesman" and a Sandshrew named "Decoy".
    EDIT: Same thing happened, only by Bianca's Zekrom with Dragon Rage , there was nothing I could do, My starter choice was Tentacool, Klink and Tentacruel, which was pretty funny. I chose Tentacruel and named her "Squidward". Also had a Simipour named "Simeon" (after the guy in the new GTA game) and a Vigorath named "Good-Ruby" (After the one in the Nuzlocke comics, he was destroying everything until Zekrom).
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