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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Just posting a quick Twilight Princess update! I went through all the starting stuff in the town which took quite a while (and forgot how to please the cat so that took half an hour to work out again smh) and went through the first bout of Twilight (Wolf Link ♥) before stealing equipment from the townsfolk under the canine guise. I accidentally picked up a heart piece along the way but thankfully I'd saved not long before so nothing too bad to restart from. Also the ranching mini-game was nostalgic haha. Then went around collecting the tears and headed to the Temple of the Woods. I'll continue soon, really enjoying this though! It's not overly hard yet but I can't imagine I should be on 4+ hearts yet anyway so hey-ho. :D
Posting an update! I've done basically loads since that post and can't be bothered to list it all right now, but I've got all the fused shadows now (saved and stopped just after getting the last one) and I've been playing faaaaar too much. Some of the bosses were stupidly hard whilst only having 3 hearts to use but otherwise it's not been too difficult so far. The Twilight wolf levels have been harder than the Link levels but the whole thing's been really enjoyable and the challenge is certainly an exciting one. There's been a lot of memories and nostalgia whilst playing this so I can't wait to finish, still quite a while to go yet though haha.