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Masks Obtained:

Deku Mask
Breman Mask
Great Fairy Mask
Blast Mask
Kamaro Mask
Mask of Scents
Mask of Truth
Bunny Hood
Kafei Mask
Odalwa's Remains
Stone Mask
Zora Mask
Goron Mask
Don Gero Mask
Romani Mask
Circus Leader's Mask
Keaton Mask
Goht's Remains
Gyorg's Remains
Twinmold's Remains
Postman's Hat
All Night Mask
Couple's Mask
Giant's Mask
Fierce Deity Mask
....and any other mask that I forgot

Bosses Defeated:5/5

(In no particular order)
Got the Adults Wallet
Got the rest of the masks in Town
Beat the Stone Tower
Got all the masks in the game
Got all the Bottles in the game
Got the Great Fairy's Sword
Beat the Game!

and with that,my 3 heart challenge in Majora's Mask is complete! I forgot how dark this game was! it was fun to play all the sidequests,and it was nice to complete my first Zelda Challenge!