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    Originally Posted by Flush'd View Post
    Name: Flush'd
    Which sport aficionado are you?: Baseball
    Your favorite sports team(s)?:Detroit Tigers
    Your Favorite sports moment(s)?: Verlander No-hitters
    Your Favorite athlete(all time or current)?: Raul Mondesi, props to anyone who knows him.

    I might not be much of a contribution since I'm mainly a baseball guy. I follow the NHL a decent amount, but NBA and NFL not so much.
    First off, Welcome to the group! Flush'd. No worries about being just a baseball fan. I follow all major sports and I'm sure there will be more people who joins that are MLB fans as well .

    On that note the recent wildcard race has been crazy. October fever is certainly upon us. You think Cleveland or Rangers can pull out?

    Remember the days....