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    Originally Posted by Sliter View Post
    hey Jack! Thanks for this collection! I was crazy looking for something like this text editor like advance text XD my only problem is that I need something that I could extract and replace the texts for translating platinum to my language! (To helpme to share with the translation team)
    But also it all are so much helpfull tools! I will give a better look soon! thanks!
    Well, actually I abandoned DS Text Editor development because of DS PokeHack Studio, which is far better. In fact, DS Text Editor can't expand texts, while with DSPHS you can. If you want to translate easly use DS Text Editor, but you MUST PAY ATTENTION to the text lenght, otherwise you could have troubles.
    Meanwhile I suggest you to use thenewpoketext: it's a bit more difficult to use, but it works pretty well, otherwise you have to wait for the next DSPHS release...
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