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Chapter 6
“Berries...” I muttered as I sat in front of a small bush, staring lamely at one of the Oran Berries that poked out of the bush. “Berries...”

“If you're not taking that,” Fay said as she sat beside me, “then I'll be happy to eat it for you!”

“Berries...” I sighed as Fay happily picked and ate one.

“Something wrong with eating berries?” Pikachu asked from behind me, and he asked while chewing something. Sheesh... A little decency please?

“Maybe he only eats meat?” Vixie asked, also from behind me.

The Vulpix's words made me blink. And blink again, and again. “Pokémon actually eat meat here?” I whispered to myself. Okay, if that's true, then I need to get outta here. No way am I planning on getting eaten by some random carnivoure wild Pokémon.

“You're scaring him, Vixie,” Soar's voice broke the silence.

“Am I?” the Vulpix asked.

In truth, yes, for a bit. Well, not really just a bit... I'm an Eevee... How am I suppose to defend myself if some random Pokémon decided I'll be its snack. A giant Pidgeot could easily pick me up and tore my head off... I shivered.

...well, I did won against Lithe. So I guess that heightens my survival experience? I closed my eyelids to give myself an eye roll.

“So I am...” I snapped back as Vixie sat beside me and tilted her head. “I'm not trying to scare you, by the way.”

“I'm not scared...” I whispered as I turned my head away from her, and my gaze instantly fell on the Rattata, who just happened to open her mouth and...grabbed a chewed berry from her mouth to her paws...

“See? I ate them for you!” she pulled the slimey thing towards me, and I didn't care if I was pushing the Vulpix, just as long as I got a safe distance from the weird Rattata. She smiled widely and innocently. “Now you can just swallow th—”

A vine wrapped around her mouth and belly, and she was pulled away from me, dropping her ‘offering’ to where she was seated a second ago. My eye twitched in disgust as I stood up and walked away from them.

“Where are you going?” asked...Pikachu, I think...

“Away from Eewyville...” I sigh as I brushed through some bushes, and bushes, and more bushes.

I soon found myself back in the large clearing where the pond was. There were still a pretty huge number of Pokémon in different circles and groups, minding their own conversations. A few sat by their lonesome, or by pairs, at the edge of the pond. I walked towards the edge of the pond, and sat there (after kicking my tail away) while silently staring at the Eevee who was staring at me on the rippling surface of the water.

Another sigh escaped my lips. So, what now? Should I just wait here for Celebi? What if she'll never ever show up again?

Wait...if this is Ilex Forest, then does that mean that there are humans here?

...and stupidly enough, and as if on cue, a small number of flying Pokémon flew away from the rustling noises from a direction. I turned my head to where the noise was coming from, and there, two humans came out from the line of trees and bushes. A boy and a girl.

I tilted my head at how...young they looked. Oh wait... Trainers can start their journey at ten years old... I almost forgot.

“Wow,” the girl said, with a pair of twinkling eyes, “so this is Celebi's pond?”

“Yep,” the boy replied as he looked around, and two Pokémon walked from behind them, and stopped in front of them, who also stared at the clearing. A Chikorita and a Totodile.

Damn, I feel kinda envious that those two youngsters received an actual starter Pokémon and are already in Ilex Forest! They must be pretty strong. I mean, they should probably have the first two badges if they're here, right?

The boy pulled out a Pokéball from his pocket, and ‘enlarged’ it by clicking the button on the middle, and looked around once again. “Now to catch a flying type to defeat Bugsy.”

Oh... Scratch that then. They only have one badge.

“Oh, big brother!” the girl squealed, pulling the annoyed boy's shirt as the girl pointed a finger “ that an Eevee?”

The boy actually looked quite surprised as I gulped. One sad fact for being an Eevee in the world of Pokémon with humans is...

“Oh wow, you're right! Eevees are quite rare!”

I think I heard them shouting something as the fast rush of green flew in my eyes, as I kick my legs to get away from them.

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