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Chapter 7
“What the—? H-hey!”

I think that was Pikachu who shouted as I ran through their little group. There was a rather tall bush up ahead, so I grit my teeth and jumped over it. Strangely though, I found myself floating over the said bush. It took me a few seconds for my tired body to register that a vine wrapped itself around me, holding me in place.

I struggled as the vine slowly pulled me back. “Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!” I cried.

“What in Arceus has gotten into you?” Saur asked, and I arched a brow at him.

“You know the God Pokémon, yet you don't have a freaking clue who Mew is?”

“Mew?” his three friends asked in unison.

I roll my eyes and tried to run for it as soon as the vines loosened, but they tightened immediately than I expected.

“Gah...” I began pulling myself away.

“Seriously,” Shock said, irritation clear in his voice. “Why are running all of a su—”

“The Eevee's here, big brother!” shouted a girlish voice that froze everyone around me.

“Run for it!” Vixie shouted and everyone bolted away in different directions.

“H-hey, wait!” the girl shouted as the loosening vines lifted me up a bit and lets me go as Saur ran away, leaving me to stumble back down on the grassy ground.

I dared a glance, and saw the girl struggling to go through the bushes, and her brother working his way towards her.

With a yelp, I hurried to my feet and ran— “Ah!” my world turned up-side-down when I stepped on something slimey and squeashy and eeky.

I wanted to cringe, but instead I hurried to my feet and—

“Chiko, vine whip, now!”

—vines wrapped my hind legs and made me stumble back to the ground.

...the earth is probably flirting with me, with me constantly falling onto it and me fighting to get back on my feet. Ugh...

“Leave me alone! I do NOT want to be captured!” I shouted as I tried to crawl forward with my front paws, which was useless as the vines pulled me back towards the humans.

“You have no say to that,” said a female voice as I was lifted up in the air again. The vine turned my up-side-down gaze at the Chikorita, who was smiling at me apologetically. “I'm only following orders. Sorry...”

I glare at her.

“Aww... He's so cute!” the girl squealed as she pinched both my cheeks painfully. I growled, but she didn't seem to care and kept on pinching my cheeks.

“Yes yes,” the boy said, and to my horror, I saw him walking beside his sister with a Pokéball on his hand.

****! I need to get outta here! I scratched the girl's hand with a paw, but that seemed to only anger the boy further, and wanting to capture me even further. I gulped as I close my eyes.

I felt a cold metallic surface hit my head a bit forcefully, and I suddenly felt very warm all over.

I canNOT understand what just happened to me. After that warmth, I felt really really really weird all over. I couldn't feel my body, and my mind told me that I should really feel very uncomfortable, but strangely, I felt comfortable. Wait, no! Pokémon can break free from a Pokéball, right? They didn't weaken me! They just captured me! Tried, at least!

Fight this weird comfortable feeling! Fight this warm and relaxing feeling! Ugh... It's too damn difficult! How the heck can I fight this “weird feeling if it's too goddamn comfortable in here—oh hey, I'm out.”

I blink and saw the surprised looks of two humans and two Pokémon in front of me. Glancing slightly higher, I saw Chikorita's vines held aloft above me, and the broken Pokémon on the boy's hand.

I smiled awkwardly as I took a step ba—eew! Not that eeky thing again!

“Wrap him again!”

I held on a cringe as I kicked the eeky and chewed Oran Berry towards the Chikorita's startled face and made a run for it.

Damn those four for leaving me alone! W-wait. I was running away from them without telling them about the humans... I sighed as I suddenly felt like I was the one trying to abandon them in the humans' mercy...

I heard a loud popping noise and some weird noise that you always hear from a Pokéball sending out a Pokémon.

I skidded to a stop when a white blob of energy landed a few feet in front of me. The white blob formed into a shape, and then turned into a Sentret.

“Hi! I'll be battl—”

I kicked some sand into his eyes and ran pass him. “Yeah, not happening!”

And I was gone. To them, at least...hopefully.

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