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Ryan Cutlass - Water Bender
Kalden - Air Bender

After having dealt with their captors and Ryan having unlocked his own and Kalden's cuffs, the two of them stood up and stretched out, Kalden flexing his fingers a little while glancing around himself again.

"Well, that wasn't too difficult. I had no clue the Equalists could pull off something like this... you've barely heard anything about them, like... ever. This is very weird."

He stepped over the unconscious form of the aptly named Dumb and proceeded to push the door open, peeking outside, his eyes widening as he steps fully through the doorway.

"... Huh. Pirate-boy, I think you'll be surprised as to where we are right now."

Ryan raised an eyebrow. "And what is that?"

Kalden poked his head back through the doorway and flashed Ryan a grin. "I think I'll let you see for yourself." Before heading out again.

Ryan shrugged, and stepped over the unconscious bodies of the two Equalists. Then, right before exiting, he stopped and turned around, noticing the peculiar gloves on Dumb and Dumber's hands. He smiled to himself.

Those look like the ones they used on us in the arena... Well, I don't get to do this everyday, so let's make the most of it.

As soon as he got out of the cabin, an all-too-familiar sense awoke him. "Waitamainute..." He looked around. "WE'RE ON A BOAT MADA-" he started singing, before Kalden rushed over and clamped a hand over his mouth, pressing a finger against his lips and then pointed towards a smaller cabin than the one they had been in, at the front of the ship. "I think Dumb and Dumber's got a friend here."

Ryan sighed as Kalden put down his hand. "Oh, sorry. But check this out though." Ryan stretched his fingers outwards, smiling. Immediately a small flash of electricity appeared. Using his other non-electric hand, he reached in his pocket, pulled out a pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses, and wore them. He gestured towards Kalden. "Flashing, right?"

Kalden's brows raised in surprise at the sight of Ryan's new gear, but quickly gave a little grin of approval. "Wow, nice. How about we go give our driver a tip and a pat on the back?"

"Yeah, he does deserve a reward for being such an awesome bender-kidnapping-ship-driver." Ryan took a while to figure out how to control the electricity, but after a few tries, he got it. The two benders quietly snuck to the driver's cabin. Luckily for them the door was slightly ajar. Slowly they pushed it open, carefully to not alert the driver. The latter was mumbling angrily to himself about "hating this job" and "should've been a janitor like my dad". After getting close to him, Ryan swiftly stood up and patted the driver on the neck, instantly electrocuting him and knocking him out.

"Well, now that's done... ONWARDS TO REPUBLIC CITY, MY CREW!" Ryan yelled in a triumphant pose, even though his only "crew" was an eye-rolling Airbender who had better things to do than getting kidnapped.

After about ten minutes of sailing and a combined effort of Kalden and Ryan, the ship came to a stop beneath the bending arena, next to a platform in the water beneath the pier. Kalden hopped off of the ship and onto the platform, walking over to what looked like a control panel, looking it over before glancing back at Ryan.

"This is where the arena receives stuff shipped via... well, ships. You can call down a lift here, which I bet is how they got us onto the boat. Probably a couple other benders as well, maybe even some civilians." He explained, tilting his head back and peering up at the underside of the arena, everything beneath the pier being nearly pitch-black.

"... We need to get up there and make sure everyone's alright. And hey." He turned around to face Ryan again, his hands placed at his hips as a look of realization painted his expression. "I just realized, I don't even know your name. And I don't know if you want me to call you pirate-boy all night." He added with a wry grin.

Ryan jumped off the ship onto the platform. "Pirate-boy's fine, really. But the name I might write on future autographs is Ryan. Ryan Cutlass. But honestly, pirate-boy sound way better."

Ryan sighed, and wiped his sunglasses which had gotten all foggy due to the humidity of the place. "Where do you think our stuff is? I couldn't find it anywhere in the driver's cabin and neither of the other Dummies had them." He took out the set of keys he had taken from Dumb (or Dumber, he couldn't remember) and examined them. "There are three of them, what do you think they're for? One if for the cuffs, but about the other two?"

"Hmh..." Kalden rubbed his cheek thoughtfully, folding one arm across his chest as he did. "I don't know. Maybe a weapon's locker, or the place they store all the stuff they take? Maybe it's for their headquarters? In any case, keep a hold of them."

He turned back to the control panel and pressed a couple of buttons, which prompted the smaller platform-lift, which must've been part of the floor of the basement of the arena to slowly descend towards them, held in place by some chains, seemingly. "For now though, we have to go find whoever's in charge here, and promptly boot them in the head for interrupting my championship!"

"Meh, it was done anyway. In my opinion the kidnapping made it more interesting. That last combo move your team did though, I guess you could say it was... breathtaking."

Kalden let out a laugh, raising a hand to give Ryan's back a pat, grinning as the lift came to a stop right next to the platform, which he and Ryan the proceeded to step onto, Kalden then pressing a button on the control pad on the lift itself, which prompted it to start rising towards the arena again. "Hah! That's pretty good! Huh, I'll have to remember that."

Ryan was surprised Kalden actually enjoyed his puns. "That's interesting, you actually liked that one! By now most people would be giving me the... cold shoulder."

He burst out laughing at his own joke followed by Kalden, which kept the two of them busy as the lift rose up and came to a stop in a nearly pitch-black room, aside from a small, yellow lamp hanging over a door off to the side. Kalden wiped a tear from the corner of his eye, still snickering as he stepped off of the platform. "Man, that was -good-. You're a pretty... cool guy, Ryan."

Ryan, who was choking right now, stopped himself from vomiting as Kalden told his joke. Faintly, he raised his hand in order to tell him to stop. "Okay... now we stop..."

After a few minutes of sneaking in corridors and avoiding anyone they thought they heard, the two benders walked into a small room with a few chairs dispersed around the place, and a dozen lockers, all painted with the Beetlefrogs insignia. On the other end of the room, there was a closed door. "This should be the Beetlefrog's locker room. This door should lead us to the arena, right?"

Kalden nodded and went "Yeah, it should. This looks pretty much like our locker room, so I guess so. Go on, take a peek through the door."

Ryan gave a worried look at the door, then looked back at Kalden. "Why me? You know the place better than I do! You go!"

"What's there to know? You just sneak a peek through the door, see if your sword, the Avatar or anyone else is back there, then we head off again!" Kalden replied, giving Ryan's shoulder a pat and an overly-wide, encouraging smile. "Besides, you're the brave, adventurous pirate!"

Ryan considered that final point. He's got a point. Sighing, Ryan slowly walked up to the door, and held the handle. "On the count of three. One, two... three."

He quickly opened the door, and poked his head through the opening. Staying on the other side of the opening, Kalden stuck close to Ryan, muttering out a quiet "What do you see?"

Ryan eyes grew wide. He was staring directly at three black-clad Equalists. "Oh sh**." He pushed away Kalden, and slammed the door behind him, his back to it. "We're screwed." Just as he finished his sentence, a slam was heard and the door trembled as one of the henchmen tried to kick the door open. Ryan shot a panicked glance at Kalden, with a "what do we do?" expression.

Kalden swiftly looked around the locker room, trying to figure out some kind of plan of attack, but aside from some chairs, a bench in the middle of the room and the various lockers, there wasn't anything they could use as such. He looked back to Ryan and stepped back, taking a deep breath as he raised his hands, flat-palmed, in a fighting stance, giving the pirate boy a firm nod.

As soon as Kalden gave his signal, Ryan jumped forward in a roll, just as the strongest of the three men smashed the door. Ryan swiftly stood back up, and instinctively reached for his cutlass. He felt around for it, but couldn't find it. He realized it was still with the Equalists. "Oh, man. This isn't gonna be easy." he muttered.

The three men spilled into the room, quickly surveying the situation, one of them raising a hand and pointing at Kalden. "The airbender! He's escaped!" to which Kalden replied "... Oh sh**.".

With this pointed out, one of the thugs ushered another towards Ryan while two of them ran straight for Kalden, one with a glove, and another wielding some type of stick, with visible arcs of electricity running up and down along it.

The most bulky Equalist had gone for him. Ryan quickly dodged the thug's punch by jumping to the side. "Hey come on, we can't have any hate between yellow-sunglasses-people! I guess you could say we're both Equalists, right?" Ryan chuckled as he ducked to avoid the chair being thrown at him. He then leaped forward at the thug's head, sending both of them to the floor, Ryan using the thug as a cushion. The Equalist angrily stood back up and activated his electric glove, his palm facing Ryan. "Oh sweet! High-five!" Ryan exclaimed as he jumped back up and immediately high-fived him with his own electric glove. Both of them briefly stood there for a moment, electrocuted by their own weapons, before each slumping to the ground unconsciously.

Meanwhile, Kalden ducked underneath the stick that was swung horizontally at him, followed by him kicking himself backwards to avoid a lunge by the other guy. "Whoa there! Be careful with that thing, you could really hurt someone!" The airbender continued ducking, dodging and jumping his way backwards, peering behind him for a moment to see the wall rapidly approaching.

After avoiding another swing of the stick, Kalden turned and ran, full-speed at the wall, with the Equalists right behind him. As he reached the wall, he didn't even stop, as he used his airbending to run up the wall, and, with a burst of air, sent him flying over the heads of the two guys who skiddingly turned around to face Kalden again, who landed on one foot and a knee, his hands pressed to the ground in front of him. He then promptly kicked a leg backwards, sending a gust of air into the glove-wielding guy, which slammed him into the wall behind him, making him slump over.

The stick-guy also had a burst of air shot at him, but he managed to leap over it, spinning in the air as he swung the stick downwards, Kalden wincing and only just managing to roll off to the side as the stick collided with the floor next to him. The Equalist continued swinging the stick downwards, trying to hit Kalden as the boy rolled and squirmed his way across the floor, until he had his back on the floor and the Equalist being too close for him to dodge the air-powered kick, which sent him skidding into the lockers at the back wall.

Kalden quickly got up, the guy with the stick preparing to charge again, at which point Kalden's eyes widened in a bright idea. He spun around himself once before raising his leg in a kick, which sent a gust of wind along the lockers, all of which flew open, one of them smacking square into the face of the Equalist, who slumped over on the floor.

"Hff... hff... looks like... you guys got the wind knocked out of you!" He grinned and placed his hands on his hips, looking around the room full of unconscious people and finally at Ryan. "... Dammit."

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