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    One of my absolute favorite things about RSE was the incredible variety in the cities and towns, from you averages starter towns, to cities like Mauville that felt more spread-out and laid-back, to a village in a trees, or on logs floating in the middle of the dang ocean to A CITY INSIDE A VOLCANO.

    Pretty much every town had a unique sensibility, and it all added up to the constantly surprising and unique experience that really kept the sense of wonder and exploration that I've always treasured in the Pokemon series.

    So which was your favorite?

    While Sootopolis was undeniably cool as all get out, my favorite would probably be Pacifidlog Town. Sure, it wasn't that big and was mostly a convenient rest stop when trekking across the gigantic ocean, but that tiny town just completely captured my imagination. As soon as I surfed into sight of it, I was wowed, and I loved the great details, like the way the logs would submerge slightly when you walked on them. Even though it's not very large, every now and then I like to go there just to run around on the logs for a couple minutes.
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