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    Meta Knight vs. Sonic - They are fast and a bit challenging to control. I went with sonic since I simply like the character more.
    Peach vs. Ness - Floating Parasol>Zapping yourself
    Pikachu vs. Link - I love pikachu, but Link wins as far as Smash Bros is concerned!
    Diddy Kong vs. Ganondorf - Ganandorf! Do I need to explain? Maybe this would be tough to choose if we were talkin, K Rool!
    Bowser vs. Samus Toughie. - But just look at Samus, she's a total badass! Also, I prefer faster fighters.
    Ice Climbers vs. Marth Ugh. - I don't care for Marth, but Ice Climers are up there next to Ness as my least favorite.
    Zero Suit Samus vs. Sheik - I love both! Sheik has a special place in my heart though.
    Falco vs. Mario Another toughie. - I love Falco and Mario. But, Falco is quicker and more my fighting style.
    Kirby vs. Snake - Kirby was my favorite on the 64! Also, Snake seems out of place among this cast.
    Ike vs. Fox No competition, FOX. Star Fox is one of the best 64 games, and one of my all time favorites. Plus, Fox is agile!


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