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NOOOOOOOOO LUCARIO!!!! Can't believe I missed Round 1's Sudden Death match-up, when I voted during the same day!

Sigh...on to Round 2:

Meta Knight vs. Sonic
Peach vs. Ness
Pikachu vs. Link - alas, this match-up hurts me a little because Pikachu is too cool... *sniffles*
Diddy Kong vs. Ganondorf
Bowser vs. Samus
Ice Climbers vs. Marth
Zero Suit Samus vs. Sheik - AAAAARGH...two immensely likable, "alt-form", skilled (physical combat, tactics, etc.), BA, beautiful, hot girls who are superbly fun to play as (in the Super Smash Bros. series, mainly)...thankfully, I secured a vote for (Power Suit) Samus above, so that's mainly why I'm voting for Sheik here. Otherwise, I think I would have to legitimately skip that match-up - it is that difficult for me to choose. XD I think Zero Suit Samus is hotter, though... I seem to have more gameplay experience with Zelda/Sheik in the Legend of Zelda series, though (specifically, Twilight Princess Zelda and partially A Link to the Past Zelda).
Falco vs. Mario
Kirby vs. Snake - aaugh, Kirby's cool, too! >.<
Ike vs. Fox
- stop it with the hard match-ups! >.<
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