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Chapter 8
“Hey, slow down!”

“What are you rushing to?”

“Is something the matter?”

Voices of plenty of Pokémon blurred through my ears as I kept on kicking my four paws to run as fast and as far away as I can. I ran through bushes, clearings, small streams, trees, and Pokémon. I don't understand what is going on anymore, but one thing's for certain; I do NOT want to be captured!

I am a human, for goodness' sake! I cannot let myself be caught and follow orders of some random kid do to his battles!

“S-slow down!”

“Watch it!”

“What the?”

I huffed and puffed. I could feel a lot of sweat around my fur. I feel so hot and tired, but no, I kept on running. I grit my teeth as the sides of my vision started to dim and blur.

Where am I going anyway? Away from those two humans? But I'm running farther and farther away from Celebi's lake! I need to meet up with her if I wanted to go back home, but how can I go back if those two are still hot on my trail!

“Arceus, damn it!” a voice shouted from behind me. “I said slow down!”

Suddenly, fumes of fire flew pass me, much faster than my speed, and fire erupted on the ground a few feet in front of me. I skidded to a stop, but my weak legs gave in and I stumbled and rolled through the small wall of fire.

I gasped for breath through my open mouth. Damn, how my body aches so much, and it's's so damn hot... I actually feel some of my saliva running down from my tongue and open mouth, but I didn't care. I wanted to gulp as many of this cool air I was breathing as many as I wanted.

“Darn it, Eevee... I-I'm sorry!” a blurry red and orange thing stood before me. I recognized the voice though, so I allowed myself to relax for only a bit.

My heart's pounding so fast and hard, it actually hurts... I coughed a bit and closed my eyes as I wondered what the heck was going on with me. I'm tired yes, hot, sweaty...fur... No, that's not sweat I was feeling. I dunno what that is, but it feels like sweat. I forgot that furred creatures like me don't normally sweat. Furried creatures like who I am now sweat through our tongue and nose... Cooling down will definitely take me a while...

I just closed my eyes and tried to calm myself. Deep breathes... Deep breathes...

It's quiet... Too quiet... Well, not really. I could still faintly hear a few flying types chatting amongst themselves, and Vixie's feet touching down on the ground as she walks around, probably keeping an eye out.

D-darn, I don't want to just lie here for too long... But my body is refusing to stand. I'm just so darn tired from all that running. Damn...I must be so terrified of losing hopes of getting back home... Why shouldn't I be? I am not supposed to be a Pokémon, but that attempt of capturing me...inside that Pokéball...this is NEW reality...and I can't accept this! I can't... I want to go home...

“There, there...” a felt a paw gently running from my head down to my back. “It's all right, Eevee...”

I just realized, I was crying... W-wow, I never cried for a long while now, that the cold tinkling feeling of tears from my eyes to my furry cheeks almost felt so...foreign... Crying almost felt so foreign... I choked on a sob and cried quietly.

I have lost track of how long I was lying there on the ground, crying my hearts out at how scary this world really was, but Vixie was patient with me, still ‘petting’ me with her paw from my head to my back.

“...I'm a...pathetic wreck...aren't I?” I whispered in between my quiet sniffs.

“Eh...” was the only thing she said as I slowly rose up into a sitting position.

I sniffed and wiped my nose with a paw. I am not sure if the very wet moisture from my nose was sweat or mucus, but whatever... “Th-thanks...”

“You should have told us that there were humans...”

I guess that's her way of saying ‘you're welcome’. “S-sorry about that...”

I just then suddenly noticed how windy the place is. That's probably one reason why I cooled off quicker than I thought. I looked around, and noticed that, beyond the small bushes, there was a bright clearing to my left. The cool windy air was coming from there.

“Sure is windy over there...” I whispered.

“It's a cliff over there though, and beyond's a human city...”

A Curiousity got the better of me, and so I stood on all four, and I didn't even bother checking if I was already fit for standing and walking. I slowly walked towards the so-called cliff, and brushed through the bushes, and yeah, it was indeed a cliff. I stopped a feet or so from the edge, and down below and beyond was a magnificent golden city that completely stood out from the rolling green hills and waving blue ocean.

“G-Goldenrod City?” I whispered as I saw a grayish train speeding up, leaving the city, and making almost no noise in traveling the metallic rails.

“Goldenrod City?” Vixie asked, sitting beside me and staring at the city. “Kinda fitting from it's yellow color...” City... I blinked. Now what?

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