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Update 2:
-Healed up at the PokéCentre.
-Lectured my Pokémon about not obeying me. Lol.
-Tried to take down Battle Girl's Machop with Munch, who fainted, but Rocky saved the day.
-Rested at the nice lady's house.
-Entered the Forest.
-Met a girl called Cheryl.
-Traveled with Cheryl and her Chansey, who was so kind as to heal me.
-Rocky grew 2 levels in one battle... Impressive.
-Munch grew a level
-Welcome to Eterna City!
-Met Cynthia, who gave me HM01 Cut, which I taught to Bidoof.
-Went to Route 211
-Meditite... Geodude... Meditite... Meditite... Ponyta... Meditite... CHNGLING!!!! Catch... YES!
-Trying to level up Chimes by battling Magikarp. Not a good idea!
-Entered Eterna Gym.
-While on there, Chimes earned a good STAB move, which could come in handy for Roserade.
-Fairly confident when approaching Gardenia.... not! With Rocky and Munch not obeying me, and all their low speed against that Roserade, who know what will happen.
-Lost 3 times, so grinded to level 18

Next Update Will Come Soon!

Badge Case

My Team:

Munch the Hardy Munchlax (Starter)
Level 18/Male/Pickup

Rocky the Calm Bonsly
Level 18/Female/Sturdy
Fake Tears
Low Kick
Rock Throw

Chimes The Lax Chingling
Level 18/Female/Levitate

HM Slaves: Bidoof (Rock Smash, Cut)