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    Generation I
    Describe Me: Good start.
    Favorite Starter: Charmander
    Second Partner: Alakazam
    Shining Moment: Capturing Mewtwo without a Master Ball
    Favorite Legendary: Articuno and Mewtwo
    Summary: I found the concept of the game to be absolutely amazing, but looking back at it now, the first generation was very flawed: no balance, glitches, horrible in-battle graphics... still managed to get me into the series, but if I have the urge to replay this generation nowadays, I play the remakes.

    Generation II
    Describe Me: Everything a sequel should be.
    Favorite Starter: Cyndaquil
    Second Partner: Ampharos
    Shining Moment: Discovering the Kanto map wasn't just for the show and that Kanto was actually in the game.
    Favorite Legendary: Lugia.
    Summary: A lot of the flaws from the original games were fixed, the new Pokémon and types, as well as the Special stat split, made the ensemble a lot more coherent in terms of balance, two regions to explore and sixteen badges to get... much was added, with very little taken away. The only three problems I have with this generation are: the French translation that messed up the line "Pokémon used Move", dividing it in three lines instead of two and forcing the player to scroll down every time a Pokémon used a move; three HMs of the same type; and a new feature that I to this day hate with a passion: roaming legendaries.

    Generation III
    Describe Me: Still good.
    Favorite Starter: Torchic
    Second Partner: Pelliper
    Shining Moment: Discovering that there's a national Pokédex and that the old Pokémon are still in the game.
    Favorite Legendary: Deoxys.
    Summary: Another good sequel. The incompatibility with Gen 2 and the Regional Pokédex made me nervous for at first: I really thought that they actually removed most of the old Pokémon from the series (that's why I was completely disgusted with the game when I met the not-so-interesting Machop and the ever annoying Zubat: I thought "What? THIS is what they kept?") . I also hated not being able to travel to Johto or Kanto, but looking back now, Hoenn was actually huge enough to make up for that, and had a lot of interesting stuff to do. The double battles were pretty cool, the updated graphics were nice to look at, a lot of memorable tunes... it's a game I could see myself replaying.

    Generation IV
    Describe Me: Getting stale.
    Favorite Starter: Haven't tried them all yet. So far, Empoleon.
    Second Partner: Luxray
    Shining Moment: The battle with Cynthia. I LOVE that musical piece.
    Favorite Legendary: The Lake Trio, except the roaming one.
    Summary: I discovered this generation years after the first three, when I got back into Pokémon two years ago, and I haven't played Platinum yet. I liked what I saw, but to be fair, I thought this was the point where the series needed to reinvent itself, and that Gen 4 (at least the solo campaign, I'm not into multiplayer to be honest) felt like "Gen 3, part 2". I like the graphics and most of the music, the world is big and not too boring (although the very long stretch between the 2d and 3rd gyms was extremely annoying) , there's a lot of optional things to do... but a lot of it gave me a feeling of "déjà-vu". I was also irritated by how slow battle animations were, and I found the attempt to make the game "longer" by requiring the player to see every Pokémon in the Sinnoh Dex before being able to acces most post-game content rather pathetic.

    Generation V
    Describe Me: A very nice change.
    Favorite Starter: Tepig
    Second Partner: Klinklang
    Shining Moment: Wha... did a palace just rise from the ground?
    Favorite Legendary: Kyurem
    Summary: There's a lot of things I liked about this generation. I liked the entirely new Pokédex which made me feel like I was discovering the series all over again. I enjoyed the story a lot, mostly thanks to the characters like Gym Leaders being a lot more interesting than before, even though it felt like I was held by the hand and guided through it rather that going through it on my own. The new battle screen was rather cool. TMs being reusable and HMs becoming optional was very convenient. The graphics were nicer than in Gen 4 and I absolutely loved the soundtrack. I also like how the game designers apparently finally got over their phobia of high levels, because post-game routes have completely evolved wild Pokémon with very high levels. The shaking grass was a nice touch too. B2/W2 made the generation even better for me: new locations, the PWT, the enhanced Pokédex, the "use another repel?" dialog... oh, and the concept of roaming Pokémon was finally perfected, and by "perfected" I mean "removed". A lot in this generation felt new and fresh, and while some changes did indeed fall flat, I enjoyed the games too much to care.

    Generation VI - not a clue yet, I need to play it first. But I like what I see so far.
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